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Ken Howell, of the previous firm Anderson, Howell, & Ravis, has been a Jacksonville and Jacksonville Beach accident attorney for over 20 years and focuses exclusively on accident cases. Ken was named one of “Jacksonville’s Top Lawyers” for “Personal Injury” by Jacksonville Magazine and also has the highest ratings given for both “Legal Ability” and “Ethical Standards”. CALL KEN for a free case review or click on the video below and find out how our service to clients is different than the big TV lawyers.

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  1. You don’t have to hire us and we will still answer your questions for free. We know that you will have a lot of questions after an accident about things like car repairs, medical bills, what doctor to see, or whether you should talk to an insurance company. Even if you are not sure you need or want to hire an attorney, we will still answer your questions with no cost or obligation, over the phone, through e-mail or in person.
  2. You don’t have to come to our offices, as we will be glad to come to you and meet where it’s convenient for you for a free consultation.
  3. You will meet with a highly experienced accident injury attorney — not an investigator or a legal assistant, as you do with some of the big TV law firms.
  4. We concentrate on accident cases. Most law firms do a lot of different kinds of law, but we concentrate on accident cases, and we have been doing that for more than 20 years.
  5. Your case will be personally handled by a very experienced lawyer. Your case will not be passed off to an inexperienced attorney or handled by a legal assistant, like it is with some of the big TV lawyers.


“… Ken is not like the TV lawyers.”


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“…Ken really cares about helping you…”

– Heidi

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“.. he did a great job …”

– Natasha T.

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“… an attorney you can really trust …”

– Angelina B

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“…he took care of all the problems …”

– Lisa

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“…very good about answering all my questions…”

– Rick

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