Auto Accident Damage: Understanding the Claim Process

Auto Accident Damage: Understanding the Claim Process
August 21, 2017 Author
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Making a claim for auto accidents follows a very specific pattern. It does not matter how much or how little damage there is to the vehicles, or how minor or severe any of the injuries are from the event. Understanding how this process works will help you get through the claims process with ease.


  1. Notifying Insurance Companies. Both insurance companies should be notified immediately that there was an accident. If a person is seeking medical attention, the insurance company should be notified of where the injury victim is going for help. Once this has been established, you should refrain contact with the insurance companies until you speak to an attorney.
  2. Contact Jacksonville Personal Injury Lawyers. You will want to contact a personal injury attorney as soon as possible after the event. This will protect your rights as a victim and ensure that the process flows smoothly.
  3. Establish Fault. Your Jacksonville personal injury lawyers will begin to review the details of the accident so that they can establish fault. Once the fault is established the attorneys will know who to seek compensation from on your behalf.
  4. Discover Losses. During this phase of the claim, your attorney will be gathering information from your doctor and about your financial losses that were the result of your accident. They will begin to calculate what type of compensation you require based on these facts.
  5. Negotiations. The attorney will negotiate with the insurance company to come to an agreeable settlement. Once the agreement is made and you accept their offer, the case is finalized.


Establishing Fault In Auto Accidents Is Very Important


It is very important that the attorney establish who is at fault for the accident. The insurance company of the at fault driver is who will be responsible for all of the damages incurred during the accident.

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