Damages in a slip & fall accident claim

Damages in a slip & fall accident claim
April 24, 2017 Author
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Injuries received in a slip & fall accident will vary based on the circumstances surrounding the event. Additionally, the type of injury received and the severity of that injury is as unique to each person as the individual themselves. Because each accident is so unique, it is hard to say what actual damages you will receive for this type of case.

However, every personal injury case has specific types of compensation that may be claimed when a person is hurt during an accident. Based on the facts of your slip & fall accident, and the extent of your injuries, you may be entitled to claim the following forms of compensation:

• Current medical costs concerning your injury
• Future medical costs regarding your injury
• Current and future lost wages
• Current and future lost benefits
• Current and future lost retirement benefits
• Loss of consortium
• Loss caused by inabilities to perform specific duties
• Personal property losses

Your Jacksonville personal injury attorneys will explain to you what specific forms of compensation you may claim based on Florida law and the circumstances surrounding your accident.

Important Fact About Slip & Fall Accidents

It is very important to remember that a slip and fall event can be difficult to prove fault. When this type of accident occurs, it is important that you notify management immediately and fill ut an accident report. At that time, you should take pictures of yourself where you fell, and the immediate surrounding area. You will also want to gather information about any witnesses that saw the fall happen.

When you speak to Jacksonville personal injury attorneys about your case, try to provide as much detailed information about the event, including the weather if the event occurred outside or on a wet floor. Every bit of information that you provide will allow your attorneys to better represent your case.

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