Damages for a Wrongful Death

Damages for a Wrongful Death
February 27, 2017 Author
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When a wrongful death occurs, certain remaining family members are entitled to seek compensation for their loss. This compensation is meant to help the survivors of this type of terrible event avoid the financial struggles often associated with a sudden death.

Types Of Compensation Available For Wrongful Death In Florida

Although compensation may vary for family members based on their status, such as spouse, minor child, adult child, or parent, the basics for compensation fall under four categories. Your Jacksonville wrongful death lawyer will explain to you which types of compensation applies to your specific case.

• Cost of medical care prior to the death that is related specifically to the accident that caused the death. This includes any and all medical costs associated with this type of event.
• Loss of companionship and protection. This is a very broad subject and applies differently to each type of family member. Your attorney will explain this form of compensation based on your case.
• Loss of support and services, both during the injury period and in the future. The financial support and services of your lost loved one is very important to your family. You are entitled to receive compensation for this type of loss based on your family status.
• Pain and suffering from time of injury. The suffering you, as a family member, have endured because of the injury and resulting death.

In addition to these forms of compensation, the family is also entitled to receive compensation for funeral and burial expenses related to the death.

Speak With An Attorney

The devastation experienced by the family when their loved one dies as a result of a personal injury can never be accurately described. The following financial burdens of this type of loss should not be a burden the family must endure. Working with a Jacksonville wrongful death lawyer will allow family members to concentrate on other issues surrounding their loss instead of worrying about how they will cover their expenses related to this tragedy.

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