Insurance Coverages and Limits

Insurance Coverages and Limits
June 13, 2016 Author


An insurance company may tell you that the driver that hit you has no insurance or just a minimal amount of insurance, or that you do not have uninsured motorist’s coverage. The actual insurance records should be reviewed to determine what amount of insurance is actually available for you. For instance, with regard to uninsured motorist’s coverage, to take care of a situation where the person that hit you does not have insurance, if you did not sign certain documents or the insurance company cannot locate those documents, then you will be considered to have that uninsured motorist coverage whether you actually paid for it or received it at the time. Regarding the other person’s insurance company, sometimes the insurance coverage may be “stacked”, or increased, because of multiple vehicles and the insurance company does not always tell you that there is additional coverage available. Also, there may be additional “medical” coverage you may not know about. Anything the insurance company says about limits to the amount of insurance should not be accepted until all of the relevant documents have been reviewed.

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