What is Car Accident Law?

What is Car Accident Law?
January 10, 2017 Author
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Car accident law is the area of law that deals specifically with who is responsible in the event of a car accident and how compensation is distributed afterward. This area of law generally falls under the category of Negligence. However, some factors concerning car accident law may also concern Insurance or contract laws.

Every State Regulates Their Own Laws

In a state like Florida, where so many people move here from different areas of the country, it is important to remember that each state mandates its own laws concerning car accidents and insurance policies. What applied in the state where you once lived may not apply in Florida.

Since the laws are different in each state, it is very important to speak with a Jacksonville car accident lawyer after you have been involved in an accident to protect your rights. Your attorney is familiar with all of the state laws and how they will apply to your case.

Insurance Companies Often Forget To Provide Benefits

One of the main reasons that you should hire a Jacksonville car accident lawyer is to ensure that you are receiving all of the benefits you are entitled to under the terms of the insurance policy. Many insurance adjustors “forget” about certain benefits you are entitled to, such as a rental car while your vehicle is being repaired or being compensated for mileage and tolls for medical visits. It is only right that you receive these benefits.

Your attorney will also make sure that the insurance company is treating you fairly when it comes to medical care. They will make sure that any and all treatment you require to make a full recovery is provided. Insurers often deny some medical care because they feel it is unnecessary or too expensive. As a final benefit, your Jacksonville car accident lawyer will make sure that any compensation that you receive is a complete package to cover all of your losses.

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