6 Common Mistakes Victims Make In Handling Their Claims

6 Common Mistakes Victims Make In Handling Their Claims
September 22, 2016 Author
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Auto Accident Claims

Accident claims should be a very simple process. When a car accident occurs with injuries, many people assume that they should just contact their insurer and the process will be handled without issue. After all, don’t all those “feel good” commercials they play on TV state that the insurer always has the customer’s best interest in mind?
Sadly, the insurance company often only has their own best interest in mind, and without proper legal representation by a Jacksonville claims attorney, the injured party finds themselves facing large medical bills and financial losses that they assumed the insurance company would cover. The reason for this can be explained with the six most common mistakes made when handling car accident claims.

1. Failing To Get Immediate Medical Treatment. Even though most insurance policies state that you have up to 7 days to seek treatment for any injuries you receive in an accident, after about 2 hours, the insurance company begins to think that the injuries occurred elsewhere and begin to deny claims for treatment.
2. Not Understanding The Policy. If you do not know all the terms and conditions of the policy, you cannot effectively make a claim. Insurance adjustors are famous for “forgetting” benefits you should have received.
3. Not Claiming Your Total Losses. Auto accidents are responsible for many financial losses. These include losses to current and future income, contributions to retirement and benefits, and losses caused by having to hire people to perform tasks that cannot be completed are just a few of the claims that can be made.
4. Admitting To Any Fault For Accident. When auto accidents occur, it is common for people to assume responsibility for the event, even if it is partial responsibility. However, admitting any type of fault, even in a no-fault state, can greatly reduce your compensation.
5. Accepting An Early Offer To Settle. Insurance companies want to settle fast so that the case is closed before all of the true losses from the event are discovered.
6. Not Hiring An Attorney. The largest mistake is not seeking representation from a Jacksonville claims attorney. An attorney will make sure that the insurance company acts responsible and honors the terms of their insurance policy while protecting the rights of the victim.

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