Auto Insurance Tips and Accident Law In Jacksonville

Auto Insurance Tips and Accident Law In Jacksonville
September 29, 2016 Author
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Auto Insurance Policy

Everyone understands that they need car insurance to operate a vehicle in Florida. However, not everyone understands their car insurance policy. Every insurance policy is specific to the type of policy purchased and may differ by insurance provider. The following auto insurance tips should help explain the most common parts of any vehicle policy.
• Personal Injury Protection (PIP) Coverage. This is a standard coverage that all drivers must have on their vehicle. This policy will pay up to the policy limits for any injuries you or your passenger receives in an accident. Florida requires that you carry a minimum of $10,000 coverage. When it comes to accident law Jacksonville residents should really consider a higher policy amount to cover medical costs in the event of an accident. PIP will cover 80 percent of all medical bills up to the policy limit, 60 percent of lost wages and $5,000 in death benefits, regardless of what coverage amount you carry.
• Property Damage. Property damage covers any damage that you cause with your vehicle to another person’s property. This policy carries over even if you are driving another vehicle. In accordance with accident law Jacksonville area residents should note that this may not cover an accident that occurs when someone else drives your car that is not on the policy.
• Collision Insurance. Collision insurance is only mandatory in the state of Florida if you are financing the vehicle. Many people can elect to have this coverage on their car, even if they own it outright for an additional fee. Collision covers damages directly to the vehicle. In most cases, collision does not cover the other car involved in the accident.
• Comprehensive Policy. Generally required when a car is being financed, this policy covers damages to a car from events other than a collision. This may include falling objects, fires, floods and vandalism.
• Bodily Injury Policy. This type of policy is not required in Florida for most people. However, people that have been convicted of a DUI must carry this type of policy for a minimum of three years after their license has been reinstated.These auto insurance tips should allow you to select the right types of insurance policies to meet your needs and explain any questions you may have on the policies you currently have on your vehicles.
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