Compensation for wrongful death: Settlements and Amounts

Compensation for wrongful death: Settlements and Amounts
June 12, 2017 Author
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It is not unusual for the surviving family members who have filed a wrongful death lawsuit to want to know what to expect as compensation for their devastating loss. These families are facing an uncertain future and need to know what to expect now that their loved one is gone.

While it is not possible for any Jacksonville wrongful death attorney to guarantee any specific forms or amounts of compensation the grieving family will receive, they can explain how the compensation is determined and when that information will be received.


Understanding The Compensation Process In A Wrongful Death Case


If your Jacksonville wrongful death attorney cannot reach a reasonable settlement with the insurance company covering the event, they will take your accidental death case to trial. At that time, all the evidence will be presented to the Court and to a jury. If the jury finds in favor of the family seeking compensation, they will determine the amount of compensation that is to be received.

The jury does not have the final word, however, the court must approve of the amount rendered by the jury. In some cases, the court may give the surviving family members additional forms of compensation or they may reduce the amount awarded by the jury.

Your attorney may be able to give you estimates on the types or amounts of compensation your family will receive based on similar cases they have represented. They may also be able to give you approximate amounts to expect if the case is taken to trial. However, your attorney must tell you that each case and circumstances surrounding the case is different and therefore can result in different amounts being awarded.

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