Wrongful Death Claims: Distribution of Proceeds

Wrongful Death Claims: Distribution of Proceeds
July 10, 2017 Author
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Each state has specific laws regarding wrongful death claims and the distribution of the proceeds for any successful claim. Most states have similar laws, but there are many state-specific parts to each law. To determine exactly how the compensation will be distributed, you will need to speak with Jacksonville wrongful death attorneys about Florida state laws regarding this type of case.


A General Look At Wrongful Death Distribution Laws


Even though each state will have specific laws that must be followed, distribution of compensation from this type of case is usually conducted as follows:

  • Surviving Spouse
  • Minor Children
  • Adult Dependent Children

Of course, there are also many other stipulations that may apply. If the case concerned a minor, the parents would receive the compensation. If the case concerned an adult who had parents dependent on them for care, the parents may also receive some of the compensation. There are many factors that must be considered before distribution is made.

Jacksonville wrongful death attorneys understand all of the Florida laws that pertain to this type of case and will explain to the family how any and all compensation will be distributed once the case is won.


When There Is No Immediate Family


When a person dies in a wrongful event and does not have a surviving spouse or minor children, a case can be brought by the estate itself. The executor of the estate will have the authority to seek compensation on behalf of the heirs of the estate. When this happens, the estate itself is the beneficiary of the case and receives all of the compensation. Once received, the estate distributes the assets according to the wishes of the person who has passed away.

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