How much is the average wrongful death claim?

How much is the average wrongful death claim?
May 15, 2018 alina

Families who have lost their loved one to a wrongful death face many hardships. Beyond the indescribable emotional pain that the family must endure from the death of their loved one, they also face financial hardships and hardships around their homes. This is why the law has made it possible for specific surviving family members to seek compensation for the loss of their loved one.


Yes, any attorney that handles a wrongful death lawsuit understands that the compensation will not provide the family with what they really want: their loved one back. This type of lawsuit will, however, help make sure that the surviving dependent family can cover their expenses, pay for college educations, and cover the final expenses for their loved one.


How Much Is The Average Negligent Death Claim?


Jacksonville wrongful death attorneys are often asked what a negligent death claim is worth. The only responsible answer to that question is “it varies.” Every negligent death claim is as unique as the situation that caused the accident and death to occur. Every case that involves a wrongful death must be carefully examined and have all the factors adjusted to determine the rightful compensation.


After determining if the family member has the right to seek a claim, Jacksonville wrongful death attorneys then look at the relationship of the deceased with that family member. The attorneys must show how the family member and the deceased were connected and how the death has impacted their lives.


The attorneys must determine how much financial support was provided to the family member by the deceased. They must look at retirement benefits and health benefits provided for the family member. The attorney must look at the services provided by the family member around the home for that family member, and then, after all of this technical information, the attorneys must examine their personal relationship and how this loss will impact the remaining family member.


As you can see, it is impossible for an attorney to put an exact figure on this type of case. The most important thing a surviving family member should worry about is if their attorney is qualified to handle this type of case. When facing a negligent death case you will want an attorney that understands every area that must be addressed and that has the ability to address them with care and compassion.

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