Injured in an Slip & Fall Accident- Who will Pay for the Medical Bills?

Injured in an Slip & Fall Accident- Who will Pay for the Medical Bills?
March 26, 2018 Author
Slip & Fall Accident

Most people do not realize how serious the injuries can be with a slip & fall accident. These accidents often result in fractured bones, head injuries, and many even cause multiple injuries to the person who fell. The injured party has the right to seek compensation for their medical costs and financial losses.


The question is, however, who exactly is responsible for these costs?


If the slip & fall accident occurred on a personal property, it would be the property owners responsibility for the event. If that property was being rented to someone, the responsibility may be either the renters or the owners responsibility, or possibly both. The same applies to commercial properties.


As you can see, what many believe to be a simple slip and fall accident can be quite complicated when determining fault. This is why you want to work with an attorney who is very knowledgeable about this type of injury case.


More Than A Car Accident Lawyer In Jacksonville


A personal injury attorney is much more than just a car accident lawyer in Jacksonville. Many personal injury lawyers handle several types of accidents, including slip and fall events. Finding a firm that handles all types of personal injuries will always be in your best interest.


An attorney who has handled cases like yours before will have the right knowledge to win your case. They will know what to look for to determine responsibility and they will be able to work aggressively on your behalf to obtain the right amount of compensation for your losses.


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