Mitigate the Risk of Costly Slip, Trip and Fall Accidents

Mitigate the Risk of Costly Slip, Trip and Fall Accidents
October 6, 2016 Author
There is a misconception among business owners, property managers, and even custodians that using a “Wet Floor” sign relieves them of obligation in the event of trip and fall accidents on their property. The truth is, the use of this sign is only a portion of what needs to be done to help avoid accidents on your property.
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Reducing The Possibility Of Trip and Fall Accidents

Although Florida is referred to as the Sunshine State, everyone who lives here understands that with the beautiful tropical sun also comes the rain. During the rainy season it is not uncommon for it to rain every day. With the rain comes wet floors and the potential for slip and fall events.

While building management or owners are wise to place wet floor signs in high traffic areas to warn visitors of the wet floor, it is also the owner’s obligation to keep that area safe. This means that the sign is not enough. In fact, the sign indicates that the building owner knew of the danger the floor presented. This is enough for any Jacksonville personal injury lawyer to hold the building accountable for the accident.

However, building managers and owners can take extra precautions to ensure that they are less liable for any falling event. Keeping the floors mopped as much as possible with the signs up is a positive action. Having water mats placed at the doorway that are secure on the ground and absorb excess water as people are entering is another precaution that can help prevent accidents. A final recommendation would be to make sure that there is proper drainage around your entrance door to help prevent water from accumulating and entering the building.

Preventing accidents shows a dedication to the public that will earn respect for the business by its clientele. No one wants an accident to occur on a property, especially the person that has gone there to conduct business.

If you have been injured in a slip and fall event, it is important that you report the incident immediately and seek a medical evaluation. Once your injury has been stabilized, speak to a Jacksonville personal injury lawyer about your rights to seek compensation for your injuries.

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