Slip and Fall Accidents: Things you Need to Prove to Win Claims

Slip and Fall Accidents: Things you Need to Prove to Win Claims
October 9, 2017 Author
Slip and Fall Accident

One of the hardest things about a slip and fall accident is determining who was actually at fault for the event. Most people just assume that the owner of the property is automatically at fault. This is not the case.


To win a slip and fall case, the injured party must show that the owner/management of the property were aware of the condition that caused the fall and did nothing about the problem. This is when it can become a little difficult.


To [protect your rights as an injury victim, you are encouraged to do the following when a slip and fall accident occurs:


  • Immediately call for help. Do not move so that witnesses and management can physically see what happened.
  • Take pictures. If you are unable to, ask someone standing near you to photograph the scene. Take as many as possible.
  • File a report. You want it documented that you fell and were injured. You also want witness information placed on the report.
  • Seek medical attention. Get checked out by a doctor immediately. Slip and falls are leading causes of fractures, concussions, and sprains.
  • Contact a Jacksonville personal injury lawyer. Protect your rights as soon as possible by speaking with an attorney about the event.


You will also find it very helpful if you refrain from putting anything about your injury on social media or other Internet based platforms. As your Jacksonville personal injury lawyer will tell you, social media can be used against your case.


A simple posting on your social media site stating that you are “feeling better” today can indicate to the insurance company that your injuries are better. They will watch everything that you post from the moment they know you are seeking compensation. Something as simple as “feeling better,” even when you only meant that your pain level is at a 9 instead of a 10 today, can have an impact on your case.


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