Pedestrian Accident: Payment under No- Fault Coverage and Auto Liability Insurance

Pedestrian Accident: Payment under No- Fault Coverage and Auto Liability Insurance
December 25, 2017 Author
Pedestrian Accident

A person who is involved in a pedestrian accident is generally covered under the liability portion of the vehicles car insurance policy. All drivers are required to carry a minimum policy on their vehicles that covers personal injury protection. In some cases the car policy of the injury victim may also cover the injury.


Defining A Pedestrian


The first thing that must be understood is that a pedestrian accident does not have to just involve someone walking or jogging down the street. An accident is generally defined as pedestrian if it involves a vehicle and someone not in a motor vehicle. This includes people riding a bicycle, skateboard or similar mode of transport.


Insurance policies can be very confusing when it comes to defining who is responsible for paying for a pedestrian event. Anyone who has been injured by a vehicle is encouraged to speak with Jacksonville accident attorneys about the events surrounding their injury. An attorney can easily determine who is at fault and seek compensation for the losses you have endured as a result of the accident.


These Accidents Can Be Very Serious


Accidents that occur with pedestrians often lead to very serious injuries for the pedestrian. Without the protection of a vehicle around them, the impact of the car can cause serious physical damage to the victim. Common injuries sustained in these accidents include head and neck trauma, broken bones, lacerations, and internal organ damage.


Even if the injuries do not seem severe at the time of the event, you should always seek medical attention immediately. What may seem like a headache or upset stomach that you think is just from being stressed from the event could actually be a sign of something very serious. All Jacksonville accident attorneys encourage people to be medically evaluated at the time of the accident.


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