Rear-End Accidents: Cause and Settlement

Rear-End Accidents: Cause and Settlement
March 20, 2017 Author
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Rear-end accidents are often the easiest to prove when it comes to liability. The car in the rear is almost always found at fault for the event. However, since it is necessary for fault to be proven and not assumed, every accident must be evaluated based on the facts of the event.

Insurance companies want to make sure that their client is actually at fault for the event before they offer any type of compensation or cover any costs. Because of this, it is important for anyone injured in rear-end accidents to seek legal representation from Jacksonville accident attorneys to protect their rights as a victim.

Your attorney will evaluate the information surrounding the accident and present the insurance company with the facts. If necessary, an accident reconstruction service will be used to show how the car in the back was the cause of the accident. Your attorney will make sure that your rights are protected.

If You Are Involved In An Accident

Jacksonville accident attorneys make the following recommendations for anyone involved in any type of vehicular accident:

• Never assume responsibility for the accident, even partially. Allow professional reconstruction services to determine the fault of the accident. There are often many reasons an accident occur.
• Give police a full account of anything you noticed prior to the accident. For instance, if you glanced in your review mirror and saw the driver behind you texting just prior to the accident, it should be noted in the report.
• Do not give any official statements, written or oral, to either insurance company prior to speaking with Jacksonville accident attorneys about your case. Report the incident as required, but refrain from giving any official accounts until you have protected your rights with legal representation.

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