Rear-end accidents, Who’s at fault?

Rear-end accidents, Who’s at fault?
April 17, 2017 Author
rear-end accidents

When a vehicle is involved in a rear-end accident, it is almost always assumed that the car in the back is at fault. While this generally is the truth, there are instances when the car in front is actually the at-fault vehicle. Who is at fault for the accident will play a significant role in claiming compensation.

Florida Is A No Fault State

It is not uncommon for Jacksonville injury lawyers to hear their clients claim that because Florida is a no fault state they do not have to worry about who was at fault for the accident. They just assume that they can make a claim against their insurer and everything will be handled.

This belief is true, to a point. Yes, your insurer will pay for your accident regardless of fault, but they only pay to certain limits. In most cases, your insurance provider will only pay 80 percent of your medical bills to the policy limit, may not pay to repair the vehicle, and may only reimburse you for a portion of your lost wages. It does not take long for medical bills to exceed the policy limit.

To make an accurate recovery from a rear-end accident you will need to establish who is at fault for the event and seek compensation for all of your losses. This is why it is so important to seek the services of Jacksonville injury lawyers to represent your case. Your attorneys will research the accident and provide the insurance companies with proof of who is at fault. Once fault is established, your attorneys will seek fair and complete compensation for your losses.

It is very important that you remember to get as much information about an accident as possible at the time of the event. If your injuries prevent you from taking pictures or notes at the scene of the event, have someone else take notes or write down what you remember as soon as your health will allow.

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