Rear- End Collision: Is it always solely your fault?

Rear- End Collision: Is it always solely your fault?
June 5, 2017 Author
rear end collision

It is often assumed that the person in the rear car is always 100 percent at-fault for a rear-end accident. The truth is, even though the person in the rear vehicle had a duty to remain at a safe distance behind the other vehicle in case of an emergency or quick stop, they may also not be completely responsible for an accident due to the actions of the driver in the front vehicle.

Responsibility for the accident will have a large determination on how damages and injuries are covered from the accident. Even in a no-fault insurance state, the percentage of fault of each driver must be established for additional compensation to be received by the injured parties.


Establishing Fault


If you have been involved in a rear-end accident it is very important that you protect our rights and speak with a Jacksonville accident lawyer. Proving who was at fault in an accident is very important and your attorney will have the resources to prove the actual events of the accident.

It is not unusual for people to assume fault, even partial fault, for an accident when it occurs. It is just human nature to share the responsibility for this type of event. However, in most cases, it is the actions of one person that caused the event and this action, in most cases, could have been avoided. Your Jacksonville accident lawyer can review the evidence of the case and have the accident reconstructed so that the actual responsible party is held accountable.

Never assume that since you were the rear car in a rear-end accident that you are the only responsible party for the event. It will always be to your benefit to allow an attorney to examine the facts of the case and establish the true cause of the accident.

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