Trucking Accident Settlement: What to Expect?

Trucking Accident Settlement: What to Expect?
November 27, 2017 Author
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When you are seeking compensation for a trucking accident, you may be surprised how many entities are actually named as the responsible parties. It is a misconception to think that only the driver themselves was responsible for the event. In many cases, the trucking company, the maintenance company, or even the manufacturer may hold responsibility for the event.

Commercial vehicles are covered by state and federal laws and regulations. Because of this, any type of trucking accident can quickly become complicated when establishing who is at fault for the event. It is crucial, however, to establish this fault so that the right parties are responsible for compensating the injury victim.

The first thing your Jacksonville accident lawyer will do is review all of the details of the accident and then begin researching other factors regarding the operation of that commercial vehicle. Once they can establish which parties are responsible, the attorney will file a lawsuit against the responsible parties.

Victims of trucking accidents often receive serious injuries. Over half of these types of accidents result in life-changing or catastrophic injuries for the person in the smaller vehicle. Extensive medical care and possible lifelong treatment may be necessary for a for the victim. It is the responsible party’s obligation to make sure that these costs are covered.

Your Jacksonville accident lawyer will aggressively represent your case and seek realistic compensation for your losses. They will not allow the trucking companies to distance themselves from the case or have the insurance adjustor low-ball the real damages.

Recovering from any accident can be difficult. This is why it is important to have quality legal representation handling the compensation package so that you can concentrate on your medical recovery.


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