Trucking Accident and Insurance: What are the Things to Consider?

Trucking Accident and Insurance: What are the Things to Consider?
January 15, 2018 Author
Trucking Accident

Being involved in a trucking accident is a life-changing experience. Injuries associated with these types of accidents are usually catastrophic and in many cases the injury victim receives more than one type of injury. The sheer size and weight of the large truck in comparison to the size of a passenger vehicle explains why the damage is so severe.


Sadly, insurance companies are more worried about their bottom line than the actual damages the injury victim has received. They quickly look over the accident information and make a low-ball offer in an attempt to cut their losses and close the case. They do not take into consideration the many losses the injury victim has suffered.


Having Qualified Legal Representation Protects Your Rights


To protect yourself from an unfair offer from the insurance company, it would be in your best interest to speak with a Jacksonville accident attorney about your case. Your attorney can review the facts of the case, the extent of your injuries and carefully determine the extent of your current and future losses. Your attorney will then review the terms of the insurance policy covering the event to see what other forms of compensation you are entitled to under the law.


Your Jacksonville accident attorney will then negotiate on your behalf with the insurance company. They will strive for full and fair compensation for your losses. If a reasonable compensation package cannot be established, your attorney will take your case to court to allow a jury to decide.


If you are a victim of a trucking accident, your life is going to change. To help you recover from this change, the responsible party is entitled to compensate you for your losses. Make sure any compensation that you are offered is complete by protecting your rights with qualified legal representation.


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