Rear- End Collision: Determining Accident Fault

Rear- End Collision: Determining Accident Fault
January 8, 2018 Author
Rear- End Collision

In any type of accident it is important to establish who is at fault for the event. Establishing fault allows all parties involved to determine who is responsible for covering the costs of all of the losses associated with the event. Fault for an accident can never be assumed.


In the case of a rear- end accident most people assume that the vehicle at the rear is always at fault. While this may be the case in many accidents, it is not always the truth. There are cases where the front vehicle actually caused the event.


If you were involved in a rear- end accident, it is important to speak with an accident lawyer Jacksonville Fl about your case. The first thing that you must do is establish who is at fault in the accident so that compensation can be obtained.


Your accident lawyer Jacksonville Fl will investigate the accident to determine the cause of the event. They will review witness statements, police reports, participant statements and may even bring in an accident reconstruction specialist to determine fault in hard to determine cases. Once fault is established, the attorney will begin the process of seeking compensation for your losses.


Under state law you are entitled to specific forms of compensation for your losses. Some of these types of compensation include:


  • Coverage of all medical expenses relating to the accident
  • Coverage of all future medical expenses relating to your injuries
  • Replacement of lost income both current and future that is the result of the accident
  • Replacement of lost benefits such as contributions to your retirement fund or payment of insurance premiums
  • Cost of care for expenses associated with the accident


Additional forms of compensation may be available based on the information regarding your case. Your attorney will discuss with you the forms of compensation that you are entitled to based on the facts of your case.


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