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  • trucking accident

    Trucking Accident Settlement: What to Expect?

    When you are seeking compensation for a trucking accident, you may be surprised how many entities are actually named as…

  • rear end collsion

    Determination of Fault in a Rear- End Collision

    Determining which driver is at fault in an accident is crucial to any claim for compensation. Even in states that…

  • rear end collision

    Rear- End Collision: Is it always solely your fault?

    It is often assumed that the person in the rear car is always 100 percent at-fault for a rear-end accident.…

  • Auto Accidents

    Fault and Liability for Motor Vehicle Accidents

    It is a common belief that in No-Fault insurance states like Florida that fault does not have to be established…

  • pedestrian accident

    How to Determine Fault in a Pedestrian Accident?

    The injuries sustained in a pedestrian accident are almost always serious. The pedestrian does not have the physical protection of…

  • slip & fall

    Jacksonville Accident Lawyer: Types of Slip and Fall Injuries

    If you are in a Jacksonville public property and you slip & fall and in the process get injured you…