Jacksonville Accident Lawyer: Types of Slip and Fall Injuries

Jacksonville Accident Lawyer: Types of Slip and Fall Injuries
November 16, 2016 Author
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If you are in a Jacksonville public property and you slip & fall and in the process get injured you can get compensation if you go to an accident lawyer – they will sue the owner of the property for not maintaining their property well enough. The compensation amount will be based on how much it cost to treat the injury, if you suffered emotional pain due to it and also any missed income due to your injury. It is important to familiarize yourself with different kinds of slip & fall injuries:

•    Pulled muscles – as you go down you will flex yourself in order to break your fall and this can lead to strained or even torn muscles.

•    Sprained wrists and ankles are also quite common especially when floor are too slippery or uneven.

•    If you fall forward and your clavicle hits the ground first it can break or shatter.

•    One of the most common slip and fall injuries is a tail fracture or bruise. It happens when you fall backwards and hit the ground with your behind. It can be very painful.

•    If you suffer a serious fall you could injure your spinal cord and even get paralyzed.

•    Head and brain injuries occur when people fall down flights of stairs.

You may be wondering whether you should sue the property owner if you already have health insurance that covers you for such injuries. The truth is that insurance companies are not usually keen to compensate victims. On top of that you will pay a deductible. The best way to get compensated is to sue the owner of the property.

It is quite likely that they will want to offer you a settlement instead of going to court – trials are long and expensive. Your lawyer will help you figure out how much money you should ask for. The other side may counter but they usually pay up.

It is important to make sure that your injuries are well documented by a doctor – it is this documentation that will support your claim. Keep all receipts that are concerned with your treatment and ask your employer to write you a letter explaining how long you have been unable to report to work.

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