Fractures of Fall and Slip Accidents

Fractures of Fall and Slip Accidents
December 23, 2016 Author
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Experienced Jacksonville accident lawyers will tell you that every fall and slip accident should be taken seriously. Injuries may not automatically become apparent at the scene of the accident, especially if the victim is suffering from any type of fractures.

Common Fractures Associated With Slip and Fall

Fall and slip accidents can cause a variety of injuries. However, some of the most common injuries that are found with these accidents include fractures of the:

• Wrist
• Vertebrae
• Tailbone
• Ankles
• Collarbone
However, fractures can occur to any bone that has been involved in the accident. Your body may just seem sore from the fall. Sadly, many people do not seek immediate medical care because they do not realize that they have fractured a bone instead of breaking it outright.

A fractured bone may begin to swell or bruise shortly after the event. Placing any pressure on the limb, such as standing or lifting, or even sitting down if it is your back or tailbone, and feeling pain and discomfort is a definite sign that a fracture may have occurred. You need to seek medical attention immediately.

Better Safe Than Sorry

Jacksonville accident lawyers will all agree that anyone who has been involved in a slip and fall event should immediately seek medical care. Even if you believe that the injuries are only minor, it is in your best interest to have a medical exam in case you are suffering from fractured bones. Fractures left untreated can cause extensive problems in the future.

Additionally, insurance companies often dispute claims where the injured party seeks medical care at a later time. While a dispute does not necessarily mean a denial for the claim, it can prolong the process of receiving medical care or the compensation that you deserve for the losses you have received due to the injury.

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