Slip & Fall Accidents: Proving Negligence and Liability

Slip & Fall Accidents: Proving Negligence and Liability
February 13, 2017 Author
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Responsibility for slip & fall accidents can sometimes be difficult to prove. It is the responsibility of the injury victim to show that the property owner was knowledgeable about the conditions on their property that led to the accident. Because of this, it is always recommended that injury victims seek assistance from a Jacksonville personal injury attorney.

Gather Evidence At The Scene

One of the best things that you can do when you are involved in a slip and fall event is take pictures at the scene of the fall. You will also want to document everything that you remember about the area you were walking in prior to the fall, such as lighting, debris or other items in the area, and conditions of the walkway, such as it being slippery or cluttered.

If anyone seen you fall, make sure that you ask for their personal information so that they can be questioned later. Make sure that you complete an accident report at the scene of the accident and fill out as much details about the condition of the area prior to the fall. It is also important to seek medical care at the time of the fall. Evidence gathered during the medical exam will provide useful information on how the fall occurred.

Warning Signs Do Not Relieve Liability

Contrary to what many people believe, if a business uses a sign, such as a wet floor sign or uneven pavement, they are not relieved of responsibility if an accident occurs. As your Jacksonville personal injury attorney will explain, placing a sign up about a potential danger only reaffirms the fact that the business owner knew that a potential danger existed and did nothing to correct the problem.

Proving liability can be difficult in a slip & fall, but it is not impossible. Gathering evidence at the scene and recording your memories of the event are the best ways to establish what happened prior to, and at the time, of the fall.

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