Slip and Fall and Premises Liability: What are the basics?

Slip and Fall and Premises Liability: What are the basics?
June 26, 2017 Author
Slip and Fall

An owner of a business, property, or private residence has a duty to anyone who enters their premises to provide a safe area for walking. This means that they must eliminate any known obstacles or potential problems that may cause their guest to slip and fall.


Personal Responsibility


One of the hardest parts of any slip & fall case is proving liability. It must be shown that the owner or management of the property where the accident occurred knew, or should have known, the danger that was present and should have taken the necessary steps to prevent any accident from occurring.

If a person falls because their shoes were untied, they cannot hold the property owner responsible. However, if a person falls because there is a loose rug on the floor that moves when stepped on and causes an accident, the property owner would be held liable. Proving liability is necessary for a successful case.


Work With An Attorney


Slip & fall accidents can be very serious events. It is not uncommon for a victim of a slip and fall to injure their spine, fracture their wrists, tear their rotator cuffs or suffer multiple injuries based on the way that they fall. Anyone who has been injured in this type of event should speak with an accident attorney in Jacksonville FL about their rights to seek compensation for their injuries.

Your accident attorney in Jacksonville FL will review all the information surrounding your slip and fall event and determine who was responsible for the accident and what legal steps should be taken for a full recovery. Your attorney will protect your rights as an accident victim and ensure that you receive fair and complete compensation for all of your losses caused by this accident.

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