Slip and Fall Claims: What Does it Cover?

Slip and Fall Claims: What Does it Cover?
July 3, 2017 Author
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Many people believe that slip and fall accidents are just minor events where a person hurts their pride more than they physically hurt their body. While this may be true in some rare instances, the real truth is that slip and fall events often cause serious injuries to the victim. Bone fractures, whiplash, and dislocations are all common in these types of accidents.

This is why it is very important that anyone who is injured during this type of accident speaks with Jacksonville injury lawyers about their injuries and losses. Your attorney can help you determine if you have the right to seek compensation for the accident.


What Does A Slip And Fall Case Cover?


If Jacksonville injury lawyers determine that you are a victim of a slip and fall event, they will seek compensation from the responsible party. Your attorney will look for compensation that will cover:

  • Cost of current and future medical care for the injuries received
  • Lost wages caused by the accident
  • Lost benefits caused by the accident such as employer retirement contributions

The amount that is received will be based on the severity of the injuries and the long term effects of those injuries. In some cases, if the injuries caused permanent harm, your attorney may also seek compensation for employment retraining or to cover the costs of having a disability.

Since all slip and fall accidents are as unique as the people involved and the situations that caused the accident, it is impossible to put an exact price or value to any case. However, your attorney will work to make sure that you receive full and fair compensation for all of your losses.

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