Truck Accidents: Distraction and Negligence

Truck Accidents: Distraction and Negligence
July 17, 2017 Author
Trucking Accident

It is not hard to understand that trucking accidents are often the most serious types of accidents to occur on the roadways. The sheer size and weight of these vehicles make them dangerous, and when impact occurs with a much smaller vehicle generally results in catastrophic damage and injuries. With over 11 million of these vehicles registered to operate in the United States these accidents occur more often than anyone would think.

Sadly, many of these accidents are a result of distracted driving. Semi-truck drivers have the same access to cell phones, radios, GPS systems and other gadgets as everyone else, and they often become distracted by these things when operating their vehicles.


A Higher Standard


Because trucking accidents are so serious, the government holds drivers of these vehicles to higher standards than those operating a regular passenger vehicle. Truck drivers are required to document how long they drive each day, undergo physicals to certify they are healthy enough to drive, and they must complete special training to operate a truck.

Despite all of these precautions, trucking accidents still occur. When they do, it is important that the victims and their families seek legal advice from Jacksonville accident lawyers about your rights. As a victim of a truck related accident, you have specific rights under the law to seek compensation for your injuries and losses.

Jacksonville accident lawyers will review all the facts of the case and determine who the responsible parties are for the event. Once responsibility is determined, your attorneys will seek compensation from the at fault party for all of your losses.

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