Law on Truck Accident: What you Need to Know?

Law on Truck Accident: What you Need to Know?
May 22, 2017 Author
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A truck accident can be devastating to the passengers of the smaller vehicle. The size and weight of the semi-truck can destroy the smaller vehicle and cause catastrophic injuries to all passengers involved. Anyone who has been involved in an accident with a commercial vehicle should seek immediate legal representation.

Semi-Trucks Are Held To Different Standards

Because of the size of semi-trucks and their potential to cause damage to other vehicles or property, the government has tightly regulated this industry. Drivers are limited to a number of hours that they can drive each day and within a seven day period. Standards for drivers are also held higher and trucking companies must be in compliance. Additionally, there are strict laws regarding weight limits, load distribution, and maintenance on vehicles that must remain in compliance by the truck owner.

With so many factors that could contribute to a truck accident, and with a variety of state and federal laws that must be observed by the trucking industry, it is easy to understand why you will need a qualified trucking accident lawyer in Jacksonville FL to represent your case.

What Your Attorney Will Do For You

Your trucking accident lawyer in Jacksonville FL will review all aspects of the accident and determine if it is the driver, the trucking company, the shipper, or several parties at once responsible for your accident. Once the fault is established, your attorney will begin to work on your behalf to negotiate compensation for your injuries and losses.
This compensation will include but is not limited to, all of your current and future medical costs associated with the accident injuries and all of your current and future financial losses associated with the event. Additional forms of compensation may be available, however, your attorney will inform you of what types of compensation you can receive based on the facts of your case.

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