Truck Accidents: Liability and Damages

Truck Accidents: Liability and Damages
April 3, 2017 Author
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Truck accidents occur on any type of road and at any time of the day. It is a mistake to believe that these accidents only occur at night and on the interstates. The truth is, most trucking accidents occur on smaller roads and during normal work hours.

Involvement in truck accidents can be devastating to the people in the passenger vehicle. The size and weight of the large truck almost guarantees that the smaller vehicle will be extensively damaged and that the passengers will be injured.

If you have been involved in a trucking accident and it is found that the truck driver is at fault, you may be entitled to receive specific forms of compensation for your losses and injuries. Injury victims are encouraged to speak with a Jacksonville injury lawyer to find out what rights they have as a victim of a truck accident.

Types Of Compensation

Compensation will vary by case and must comply with state law. However, in most cases, people who have been injured in a truck related accident have the right to seek compensation for the following losses:

• All medical expenses, current and future, associated with the injuries received in the accident
• All lost wages, current and future, that are a result of the accident
• All lost benefits, current and future, that are a result of the event
• All other financial losses that are a result of the accident
• Physical and emotional harm

To understand what types of compensation you are entitled to based on your case, you will need to speak with an attorney. Your Jacksonville injury lawyer will be able to explain all of your rights as an injury victim and help you seek the compensation you are entitled to under Florida law.

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