What To Know About Slip and Fall Accidents

What To Know About Slip and Fall Accidents
October 27, 2016 Author
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According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), slip and fall accidents are the leading cause of head and hip injuries in people age 50 and over and head injuries in children under 18. This type of accident is also the leading cause for spinal, rotator cuff, and wrist injuries in people age 19-49. These are not the only types of injuries that occur in a slip and fall event, and in many cases, people suffer more than one injury when they fall.
Understanding Slip & Falls

Slip & fall accidents happen when a person falls as a result of a property owner or manager failing to make the walkways safe. This can apply to many different situations, including:

• Cluttered walkways or pathways, or areas with dangerous debris
• Loose rugs, tiles, or other materials that causes a fall
• Dangerous walkways due to weather conditions
• Broken, cracked, or holes in sidewalks, parking lots, or flooring materials
• Loose railings on staircases
• Stairs that are in disrepair, filled with debris, or are slippery
• Stairwells or walkways that are not well-lit

These are not the only conditions that may cause a slip and fall; however, they are the more common reasons for this to occur. Speak to a Jacksonville slip & fall attorney about the events surrounding your fall to determine if it qualifies as one of these types of accidents.

Proving Responsibility For The Accident

Slip & fall accidents require that the injured party prove that the business owner, or manager of the property was aware of the danger and did not act in a responsible manner to protect anyone who entered their property. The management or owner of the building or property has a duty to ensure that their property is safe at all times.

If you have been injured in a slip and fall accident, you are encouraged to speak with a Jacksonville slip & fall attorney about the event and the injuries you received. Under Florida law, you are entitled to specific forms of compensation for your injuries and financial losses that are a result of the slip and fall injury.

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