Slip and Fall- Who’s to Blame?

Slip and Fall- Who’s to Blame?
September 8, 2016 Author

When a guest slips and falls in or around a store you own, you could be liable for the accident, as the guest might decide to file a suit against you and your business. The best way to avoid this issue is to make your store reasonably safe for guests. If these accidents ever occur, contact our Jacksonville personal injury lawyer immediately.

How to Prevent Slip and Fall Accidents For Your Store

There are numerous things you can do as a property owner to make your stores safer for guests. This applies to all businesses. Your entryways should be properly monitored. When it rains or snows, guests can bring in liquid on their shoes that someone could later slip on. These areas should be cleaned immediately. In general, it’s important to perform a daily safety overview that checks for any wet floors, torn carpets, loose mats, poor lighting, clutter caused by wires or uneven walking surfaces. All of these can lead to accidents.

If you spot a spill of any kind, place a warning sign in the area until it’s cleaned, so customers know to walk around the spot. Employees should also be trained in safety from slips and falls. They must understand what to do when they identify hazardous situations. Snow and ice should also be removed from outdoor sidewalks. Everything you do in regards to safety and prevention should be recorded in the event of a lawsuit.

Legal Options For Victims of a Slip and Fall Accident

Both guests to stores and employees have legal options in the event of a slip and fall accident. These lawsuits must typically prove that there was a dangerous condition, and that the business owner knew about the condition. If a victim can prove that a building wasn’t up to code in certain areas, then they might have a case. If liability is determined and it’s ruled that the owner has been careless, the victim could have a valid claim. If you’ve been hurt in a slip and fall accident, contact our Jacksonville personal injury lawyer as soon as possible.


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